1.1.0 | 2018-09-27

- [Fix] admincp issue where email templates could not be deleted
- [Feature] added ticket open, reply and close notification emails
- [Fix] admincp issue where email settings could not be saved if smtp host was empty
- [Fix] ip address workaround when using cloudflare
- [Other] changed url path for cash purchase modules (from shop/credits to shop/cash)
- [Feature] added code redeem system (for cash)
- [Other] added cash value display on paypal packages donation page
- [Fix] admincp paypal logs account username display
- [Fix] admincp paypal logs donation date display
- [Fix] admincp paymentwall logs donation date display
- [Feature] added basic login api for launchers
- [Fix] cron api url in website configurations
- [Feature] added language switching to the website
- [Feature] items web shop
- [Feature] admin panel item mailing

1.0.0 | 2018-04-25

- [Other] general cms core code cleanup and optimization
- [Security] database connection settings removed from general settings json file
- [Feature] the login module now allows players to use their email address or username (automatically detected)
- [Feature] superrewards automatic payments system and api integration
- [Admincp] added access level editor on account profile
- [Security] the admin panel is now only accessible to accounts with access level 4
- [Template] added graphics for zodiac signs
- [Admincp] added staff accounts list module (access levels 1, 2, 3 and 4)
- [Admincp] added top 100 level characters list (loaded directly from database)
- [Admincp] added top 100 online characters list (loaded directly from database)
- [Feature] added top level rankings (cached data via cron system)
- [Feature] added top online rankings (cached data via cron system)
- [Template] updated the default template's background and logo
- [Feature] added player count by class and zodiac sign to server info cache
- [Admincp] improved dashboard information
- [Admincp] added basic character editor
- [Other] removed dynamic news titles for better compatibility with utf8 characters
- [Admincp] added top account cash list
- [Fix] error on top voters module in admin panel
- [Other] language phrases cleanup
- [Admincp] added ip address list on account profile
- [Admincp] added cash manager on account profile
- [Feature] added ticket support system

1.0.0 RC 1 | 2018-03-17

- [Template] new official default template
- [Feature] paypal automatic payments system and api integration
- [Feature] paymentwall automatic payments system and api integration
- [Other] improved emails template system
- [Security] overwall core code optimization
- [Feature] added facebook and google login/registration

1.0.0 BETA 1 | 2018-01-07

- Initial BETA release of WebEngine CMS for BDO