General Features DesertCore CMS Lite DesertCore CMS Pro
Account registration
Account login
Facebook registration and login
Google registration and login
Password recovery
Google Recaptcha (registration, login and recovery)
Account profile
Account password change (with or without email verification)
Account email change (with or without email verification)
News system
Pages / modules system
Downloads page
Multi Language system
Language switching
Email system (with HTML templates)
Vote for cash
Cron job system (scheduled tasks)
Characters information page (user account)
Ticket Support System
PayPal Donation System *HOT*
PaymentWall Donation System *HOT*
SuperRewards Donation System *HOT*
Free-Kassa Donation System *HOT*
Login API *HOT*
Redeem Code System *HOT*
Fully Featured Items Web Shop *HOT*
Web Shop Purchase History *HOT*
Admin Panel Features
News management
Account search
Account profile (with all basic account information)
Account list
Create new accounts
Display top voters (filter by year and month)
Unverified accounts list (with options to delete registrations or manually verify)
Character search
Character profile (with all basic character information)
Configurations (100% of website configurations via admincp)
Module manager
Language manager
Cron job manager
Character editor
Item mailing *HOT*