Professional CMS Installation / Upgrade ($30/one-time)

We will professionally install or upgrade your DesertCore CMS, making sure everything is working properly. When upgrading, we also transfer all your current cache data and news. Contact us to order this service.

cPanel Web Hosting ($60/yr or $40/6mo)

Shared web hosting with all the required PHP extensions for running DesertCore CMS. We only recommend this service for new or small servers looking to get a website up as quickly as possible. Using CloudFlare is a requirement to order this service. Contact us to order this service.

VPS/Dedicated Web Server Setup (CentOS) ($40/one-time)

A VPS or dedicated server is the way to go if you plan on offering the most professional experience to your players.
This service includes the following:

  • Dedicated/VPS service prodiver consulting
  • Initial server setup
  • Services installation (Apache, PHP, MySQL, IonCube)
  • Virtual hosts for domain & sub-domain configuration
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • DesertCore CMS installation
  • Forum installation

Contact us to order this service.

Template Integration (PSD/HTML)

Through this service we integrate your existing PSD or HTML design into DesertCore's template system. Contact us to get a quote.

Custom Coding

Depending on the difficulty and time required to develop the custom feature that you are looking to get the cost of the service may vary.
Contact us with a full description of what you need to get a quote.