cPanel Web Hosting ($80/yr)

Shared web hosting with all the required PHP extensions for running DesertCore CMS. We only recommend this service for new or small servers looking to get a website up as quickly as possible. Using CloudFlare is a requirement to order this service. Contact us to order this service.

VPS/Dedicated Web Server Setup (CentOS) ($40/one-time)

A VPS or dedicated server is the way to go if you plan on offering the most professional experience to your players.
This service includes the following:

  • Dedicated/VPS service prodiver consulting
  • Initial server setup
  • Services installation (Apache, PHP, MySQL, IonCube)
  • Virtual hosts for domain & sub-domain configuration
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • DesertCore CMS installation
  • Forum installation

Contact us to order this service.

Template Integration (PSD/HTML)

Through this service we integrate your existing PSD or HTML design into DesertCore's template system. Contact us to get a quote.

Custom Coding

Depending on the difficulty and time required to develop the custom feature that you are looking to get the cost of the service may vary.
Contact us with a full description of what you need to get a quote.